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Bird Track (BTO)

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Martin Garner “Child or Wild”

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Spurn Bird Migration Festival 2013

Spurn Bird Migration Festival 2013 from dave tucker on


Day 6 of 7 “Boom”……….Challenge achieved…..

With easterly winds and low cloud, the East Coast had to be a good bet for today for passing birds on migration. I arrived at Spurn just before Lunch time, and quickly encountered a Barred Warbler:Cool, Barred Warbler Facts! The barred warbler (Sylvia nisoria) is a typical warbler which breeds across ...

Day 5 of 7……of my own personal “birding” Autumn Challenge

Well Day 5 of my Autumn Challenge and looks like I will make my Target of 100 birds, by Saturday....To be honest the number is no longer the driver for me; I am simply enjoying the 'great outdoors'I started today at Hornsea Mere, Hornsea Mere is a vast expanse of water that gives refuge to huge amours ...

Day 4 of 7 of my Autumn Challenge

Well here we are Day 4, where to go????? After far too much pontificating I decided to head to one of my favourite reserves, Tophill Low, near Driffield. I started at North Marsh to watch the Kingfishers, never seem to tire of these colourful birds. They seem highly territorial at the moment and ...

Spurn Migration Festival 2014, don’t miss out………..

Crowds are flocking to Spurn National Nature Reserve this weekend for the annual migration festival. This weekend is all about birds as Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and Spurn Bird Observatory team up with Birding Frontiers and Westmere Farm for the Spurn Migration Festival; an event that proved so ...